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Selling Your Home

Before You List Your Home

Clear Away the Clutter If you visit model homes or open houses of homes that have been staged, you’ll never see a stack of unread magazines, children’s artwork loosely hanging on the refrigerator, or a cluster of unpaid bills on a table. While everyone has clutter, buyers want to see a fantasy version of your home which they can personalize to their own taste. Once your home is on the market keep it as neat as possible. One way to make this easier is to reduce the amount of clutter you have on your shelves and surfaces.

Improve Your Home While you don’t necessarily want to do a major, expensive renovation project, before you sell, you can make minor repairs and improvements that will make your home look fresher to buyers. Try things such as replacing the caulk and grout in your bathroom, updating light fixtures, and door hardware. Paint is the most cost effective way to spruce up your home. Painting your front door to look fresh and in a current color can make a huge impact on a buyers frame of mind, as they enter your home.

Start Packing It may sound crazy to start packing months in advance of your move, but since you’ll eventually do this anyway, you might as well get organized now. You could even pack up most of your kitchen and just keep a few dishes to use. Definitely clean out closets, pantries, and garages. Buyers will look in your closets and pantries and if they are clean and organized the perception is that you maintain your whole home well. Boxing up items will make your home look larger and neater when it’s time to show your home.

When You List Your Home

Choose the Right Agent…ME! Your choice of a listing agent will make a big difference in how quickly your home sells and how much of a profit you’ll realize. I will provide you with a great marketing plan, years of experience and local knowledge. Always choose the agent who can present you with a detailed market analysis and proven results!

Moving Before Selling If you plan to buy another home, an important decision to make is whether to sell your home first or make an offer on a new home before putting yours on the market. I can help you evaluate how fast homes are selling in the market and help you estimate how long it will take you to find a home. This decision also depends on your financing, so you may want to consult with a lender to see how you can finance the transition from one home to another if you choose not to sell your home first.

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